NFL fashion style 2021


5 Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Football Game

Anything Flannel

NFL fashion style 2021

When figuring out what to wear to a football game, you can’t lose with flannel. The autumnal staple is also a popular item for fans of the seasonal sport, so throw one on in lieu of a jacket over a tee, under a vest, or tie at the waist as an accessory.

A Bomber Jacket

NFL fashion style 2021

Like varsity sweaters, bomber jackets are another clothing item associated with football attire. Rather than style a jersey underneath, bombers look sleeker over casual tees (think monochromatic tops, cropped options, or shirts decorated with clean, team-spirited graphics). And whatever your stance on skinny jeans may be, I personally love pairing a bulkier bomber with leg-hugging bottoms or biker shorts, if weather permits. Keep the look lax with sneakers or add toughness to your aesthetic with a chunky combat boot.

NFL fashion style 2021
NFL fashion style 2021

Experimental Outerwear

Jackets and hoodies will always have a place in football (and, really, any sporting event) fashion, but don’t discount all the other outerwear pieces hanging pretty in your closet. Change things up by wearing a blazer over a sweatshirt for a brisk afternoon game. If it’s only slightly breezy, shrug a blanket scarf over your shoulders to avoid unnecessary bulk.

Lots of Layers

Layering up isn’t just a styling technique but a means of survival amidst dipping temperatures. This is especially true as we transition into cooler climates (remember: football season spans from September through early February).  Luckily, this functional tactic can also be quite fashionable with the right pieces. For example, utilize long-sleeved shirts and thermal pants as your foundation, then build from there: Denim for bottoms, two pairs of socks, and roomy boots (like this pair from Uggs). As for your top half, start with a cozy sweatshirt (team affiliation optional) then add a vest overtop. If you really want to show your team spirit, slip an oversized jersey over the bulk.

Comfy Athleisure

NFL fashion style 2021

Over the past year or so, thanks in large to the coronavirus pandemic, loungewear and athleisure have become a kind of uniform for vegging out. While some of us are ready to shed our comfy layers for form-fitting garments and various other going-out outfits, others aren’t and that’s OK. Football games are long and require a lot of standing up and sitting back down (to cheer or, you know, see what’s happening on the field), so opt for something comfy like leggings with a hoodie or joggers and a turtleneck for maximum comfort.

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